Our Manifesto

Where Healthy Meets Delicious

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It's Beyond Functional Foods! Whole foods with enzymes and nutrients retained.Hungry yet?

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New & Old Favourites

Never-seen-before monthly specials are featured so call us at +6016 8889 123 to find out this month’s special items


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Top Notch Expertise

At the heart of Living Food is a core of internationally trained chefs and health professionals that ensure our principles translate perfectly into the practice of our cooking.

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Check out one of our featured affiliates; LivingWell. LivingFood is about more than just food and LivingWell provides mentoring, consultations and quality diagnostics to empower people with drug-free solutions. Whether you are looking for a healing meal plan or simply detoxification in Malaysia, they have the answers.


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Whether you need catering for a special occasion, prompt regular schedule lunch time deliveries or just to simply book out the place for an event, feel free to get in touch with us to have a talk about how WE can help YOU.